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Croatian association of school cooperatives (HSUZ) was founded in June 2006 and as a non-profit legal person is a member of the Croatian association of technical culture.

Croatian association of school cooperatives:

∗ works on development and promotion of the Croatian school cooperatives and cultivates a long and rich tradition of school cooperative in Croatia;
∗ is co-organizer of county, inter-county and State festivals of school cooperatives of the Republic of Croatia;
∗ organizes and carries out the education and training of the leaders and collaborators of school cooperatives;
∗ organizes publishing activity in the area of school cooperatives;
∗ connects and directs the work of school cooperatives and encourages the development, co-operation and networking of school cooperatives and the development of inter-county cooperation in school cooperatives;
* provides professional and material support to the school cooperatives;
* cooperates with the competent authorities of the state and local and regional self-government units for the purpose of representing interests and promotion of school cooperatives.

All these activities are carried out by the Croatian association of school cooperatives in order to create a positive relation between the students and the positive entrepreneurial climate in the schools.

693 school cooperatives from all over Croatia are today included in the Croatian association of school cooperatives.

School cooperatives operate in primary and secondary schools and special educational institutions as only manufacturing extracurricular activities.
The school cooperatives are involved in agricultural production, producing useful and decorative items, nurturing national art, handicrafts and old crafts.
Concrete production work is taking place in the school cooperatives, products that have useful and market value are being created.

Working in school cooperative:

∗ develops and cultivates work habits and skills, entrepreneurial skills, responsibility, innovation, creativity, independence as well as the need for co-operation as essential components of the creative relation to work;
* contributes to the transfer of knowledge from teaching to the practical activity of the co-operative and vice versa; knowledge from working in the cooperative in teaching;
* encourages self-research learning;
* the students develop love for the nature and values that man has created through his work and awareness of the necessity of preserving the balance in nature and the environment;
* enables the greatest possible development of students’ abilities and the perception of their own preferences;
* prepares students for the choice of school programs and future occupations;
* works to prevent socially unacceptable behavior.

Schools with school cooperative projects are examples of good practice in the development of the entrepreneurship.

President: Dragica Benčik, dipl. defectologist
Secretary: Blanka Horvat, dipl. ing. 
Expert associate: Martina Švarbić, dipl. ing.
Administrative secretary: Domagoj Bajtal, prof. of sociology

Phone: +385 1 48 46 251

e-mail addresses

MB: 2115743
OIB: 45052309127
IBAN: HR1623600001101913486